Door Person

Location: Kansas City, MO
Date Posted: 08-25-2015
Lew's Bar and Grill is looking for a Door Person. This position is expected to work nights and weekends. We are seeking someone with flexibility and a great personality. A Door Person helps keep order and make sure that everyone is safe and having a good time. This position may require checking I.D.s and cover charge at the door, making sure nobody is acting aggressively or destructively, protects property and equipment from damage, and other duties as assigned. If a person is acting in a dangerous or unseemly manner, the Door Person’s job is to contact Management.
A good Door Person will oversee the patrons inside Lew's Bar and Grill and will see to it that no one becomes overly aggressive and spoils the party.
Lew's Bar and Grill, the Door Person will circulate throughout, be highly visible, and be easily identifiable as a Well employee.
The Door Person should continually evaluate the conduct and attitudes of each patron and watch for changes behavior. Let’s face it, drinking alcohol in a bar setting is designed to remove inhibitions and subtle behavior changes are expected. A Door Person's job is to recognize the negative behavior changes and notify management if the behavior seems unacceptable. A good Door Person will use eye contact and body language to let troublesome patrons know that their conduct is reaching the threshold for unacceptable behavior.
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